Health Benefits Of Swimming In A Midwest Pool

Exercise is an important part of a wellness routine. Staying healthy is important for many reasons and staying fit is not a difficult task. Swimming for exercise has been found to be one of the best forms of exercise to …

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Tips On Staying Cool This Summer From A Michigan Pool Store

Summer is a time that everyone looks forward to. Going to the beach is a blast and splashing around in above ground pools has no equal. What many people dont thing about is the dangers of the heat and what …

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Pool Party Tips For The Summer

The best part about owning an on ground pool during the summer is that you can swim in it any time. Whether you have kids to share it with or just some of your best friends, an on ground pool …

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Summer On Ground Pool Care Tips

Caring for you pool year round is important but is more so during the summer. Everyone gets excited to use their on ground pools during the summer where they can make the most of it. While the summer season is …

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Chlorine Vs Bromine For On Ground Pools

For new and old pool owners the question of what chemical can be a difficult one to answer. For a long time the standard answer was to just use chlorine, but today there are other alternatives that must be considered. …

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Our 30 plus years of experience will go to work to help you understand why a long lasting Deckable swimming pool is the right choice for almost any situation. Feel free to navigate the various sections of our site to learn more about our round and rectangular Midwest Pools …

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