Summer On Ground Pool Care Tips

Caring for you pool year round is important but is more so during the summer. Everyone gets excited to use their on ground pools during the summer where they can make the most of it. While the summer season is a great time to enjoy the pool, it is also a very important time to keep the pool clean. This is the time it gets used the most and you need to keep the germs and dirt out of the pool. You don’t want your kids to swim around in the pool and get a rash so use these 5 tips from our pool store in Michigan and use them to make the most out of your summer.

If you are going to add chemicals like chlorine and other cleaning agents, make sure you do it at night time as opposed to during the day. You will lose significant efficiency during the day due to evaporation so if you want to save money and have a truly clean pool the night time is your best bet. Some people do it in the morning, but the fact is over night the chemicals will get more time to do their job and when you swim in it during the day you will have a cleaner pool.

Keep the floor and walls of your pool clean. These are the most common locations for algae to grow in your on ground pool. You can also develop a buildup of bacteria and minerals which can be avoided with regular cleaning. Some elect to use an automatic pool cleaner as opposed to draining the pool and scrubbing the surfaces with dish soap.

It is very important that you maintain the correct balance of chemicals in your pool. A testing kit will make this easy on you and is highly recommended. Your pH and chlorine (if you choose chlorine) levels need to be balanced for the overall health of the pool and its occupants. Too high or too low for either of these results can have an impact on your enjoyment of the pool. If they are low it can lead to algae and bacteria growing as well as unpleasant rashes and the like. If they are too high it can be extremely uncomfortable to swim in and even negatively impact your health.

Make it a habit to backwash the waste water in your pool. This is a necessary and basic step to pool maintenance. This will help you improve the water quality and keep it germ free.

If you keep up on cleaning the surface of the pool it wont become an onerous task and it will keep the on ground pool clean. Leaves, bugs, and debris can clog your drains and cleaning systems leading to damage or a very dirty pool.

These are some simple steps on summer upkeep of your pool and our pool store in Michigan hopes that this helps. A clean pool makes for happy and healthy swimmers. All it takes is a little work each day and it will fall together.

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