Many people are unfamiliar with on ground pools. They know a good deal about in-ground and above ground swimming pools, but are uncertain about on ground pools such as our Deckable and Olympic-Eagle swimming pools. Here are some common questions asked by our customers.

Why No Deck on your Deck Pool?

Our Deckable was designed to fill an important market gap in the swimming pool industry a permanent, high-quality, rectangular, freestanding, on-ground swimming pool that was worthy of investing your hard earned dollars to build a deck around. We designed our Deckable to fill that need and our customers agreed overwhelmingly! Our Deckable model allows our customers to design their pool and finished deck for a truly custom pool look.

Our exclusive DR-1 extruded aluminum coping allows for a seamless integration between your new pool and your custom deck and allows you to select among a myriad of standard and maintenance free deck materials that can be obtained at virtually any building supplier. (Photo Gallery)

Can we get a deep end in our pool?

Yes you can deep ends are available, and special liners are designed for them. One question you should also be asking yourself, however, is Does your family really want a deep end? Keep in mind that a residential backyard pool is used primarily for playing 90% of the time volley ball, catch, frisbee, tag, swimming, basketball, floating/lounge chair, etc. A deep end in your pool may be restrictive to many of those activities. Consider how many people want to be at the deep end when theyre playing volley ball?

Careful consideration should be given before committing to a deep end you may find yourself using only one-third of your pool 90% of the time. With a constant depth pool a Sports Pool All the people .. can use All of the pool .. All the time!

What makes yourDeck Pooland Olympic-Eagleswimming pool so strong?

We manufacture our Michigan swimming pools using only Construction-Grade materials! A 4 thick industrial quality structural steel channel framework and thick KDAT 7-ply pressure treated wood insulating water walls are used. Our pools are built of the same high-quality materials that a builder would use to build your house or deck! Our east coast pools are absolutely the strongest and longest lasting in the industry! Shipping weight of our average delivery is generally over 3,000 pounds but dont worry, well take care of that we deliver right to your backyard.

Can these pools be built on uneven terrain?

Yes, our Michigan swimming pools were actually designed for uneven or sloped yards, hilly sites, rocky terrain, and high water table areas. In fact, many of our customers are frustrated in ground pool shoppers who had become dismayed at the final price quotes of in ground pools under extreme installation conditions. Overall, they are impressed with the high-quality and sophisticated, classic look of our rectangular Deckable.

Will this swimming pool raise my property taxes?

Unlike in ground swimming pools, which can raise your property taxes, our Aqua Star Deckable or Olympic-Eagle on ground pools are usually not taxable in most communities But please check first! This can become an important isssue if you decide to sell your home. All in all, a Deckable usually costs substantially less than a comparably sized in-ground pool both to install, and to maintain over the years.

I like the extended walk-in staircase Ive seen in many of your photos. Is it available?

Yes, and its an exclusive with a Deckable or Olympic-Eagle swimming pool from Aqua Star. The walk-in staircase actually becomes a part of the pool wall system, just like an in-ground swimming pool it does not intrude into the swimming area like above-ground swimming pool steps. Were able to do this because our pools are built stronger than any other on ground pools/above ground swimming pools.

This staircase is a popular addition because it actually becomes the focal and gathering point of the pool. Younger children love to sit and play in it , Dad loves to lounge in it with drink at hand and feet afloat, and Mom loves it as a graceful way to enter and exit the pool. Its also a great way for older folks to easily access the swim area. A corner drop-in step is also available see Gallery.

Do your swimming pools require a heater?

Generally, no. Our thick insulating water walls, along with solar blanket usage create a thermos bottle effect trapping the heat captured from the sun. Our insulating walls prevent radiant heat loss, while judicious use of the solar blanket also helps prevent heat loss during the evening from convection, and evaporation. In certain situations, however, such as close proximity to tall, shading trees or buildings, a heater may be required to maintain an 80 degree swimming environment. A heater may also be used to extend the swimming season from early spring to late fall.

How much does aDeck Poolfrom Aqua Star cost?

Many of our customers are surprised to find how affordable a pool of this quality, strength, and durability really is. Although we tend to be at the high end of on-ground pool pricing the value, enjoyment, and longevity derived from owning a Deckable from Aqua Star is money well spent. Your final deck selections material and size of course, create a wide variable in the final cost. All in all, the total costs are usually substantially less than a comparable in-ground pool, both initially and over the years, in terms of heating, maintenance costs and taxes. Many families also agree that its cheaper in the long run to do-it-right the first time rather than wasting dollars on several lesser quality pools over the years.

What are the differences between above ground swimming pools, on ground pools, and in-ground swimming pools?

Above ground swimming pools are a general reference to the round or oval pools sold as big-box items. They are generally considered to be temporary structures with limited life spans. They almost always have thin metal style walls, plastic components, and light weight filtration systems. They generally have limited life expectancy due to their plastic, lightweight metal or tubular metallic structure. They can generally be carted home and assembled in a day.

On ground pools are more substantial, permanent structures usually involving decking and fencing. They tend to be more of a construction project although many are sold as kits.. They are generally much stronger and durable than above-ground swimming pools. On ground pools have strong, rigid wall systems and superstructures that can withstand the repeated abuse of swimming, jumping and kicking that inevitably destroys an ordinary above-ground pool over time. On ground pools are considered permanent pools, however, they are not usually taxable but, please check with your local community first!. Aqua Stars Deckable and Olympic-Eagle models are on-ground pools.

In-ground swimming pools are installed below grade into the ground. They

  1. Raise property taxes $$$.
  2. Are much dirtier than on ground pools $$$ anything that crawls or blows along the ground will end up in an in-ground pool. It will almost never crawl or blow out, so they consume more maintenance chemicals.
  3. Almost always require heaters $$$ the pool walls are always loosing heat into the ground just like our cool basement walls. You spend money to heat the ground.
  4. Are sensitive to ground conditions $$$ like slopes, hills, rocky terrain, and especially high water tables.

How long will it take to get our pool installed?

A few factors come into play. Once a firm order is received, the pool materials can usually be delivered within 1-2 weeks. Your installation crew can then usually have the pool installed within a week. Coordination with your installers is imperative.

Aqua Star All-American Deckable Pool

All in all a high quality on-ground pool satisfies the needs of most folks at a reasonable cost.

Invest smart- invest once!

Our 30 plus years of experience will go to work to help you understand why a long lasting Deckable swimming pool is the right choice for almost any situation. Feel free to navigate the various sections of our site to learn more about our round and rectangular Midwest Pools …

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