Types of Chlorine for your Above Ground Pools

Daily-Use Chlorine Products

When it comes to pool chemicals and cleanliness, Chlorine is by far the most popular choice for above ground pools with decks, on ground pools, semi inground pools, or even wells. The thing about chlorine is that it comes in many types, shapes, and concentrations; so many that it becomes simply overwhelming for new or experienced pool owners. We are going to cover many forms and types of chlorine to help give you an idea of what you need.

The ideal concentration of Chlorine in your pool is 1.0 ppm (parts per million). The best products are slow release types that are stabilized or protected from sunlight degradation.

Tablets and sticks are two extremely popular shapes when it comes to everyday use chlorine. There is no difference between the two other than the shape; however, the shape can impact its use. The weather you get the chlorine tablets or sticks really depends on what dispenser you have in your above ground pool. It is also worth noting that there are small 1-inch mini tablets that are perfect for fast dissolving needs. The mini-tablets are most commonly used in large pools and chlorinated spas.

What type of chlorine for your above ground pool?

Liquid chlorine is often used in large commercial pools and is delivered into large 50-gallon vats. This chlorine composition shows its basically highly concentrated bleach. This is something that is only recommended for use if you know what you are doing as it requires a metered constant drip.

Granular chlorine or “shock” is typically used for super chlorination or “shocking” your pool. This form of chlorine is expensive and burns off quickly. The purpose of this product is to dissolve and kill rapidly, then disappear. It allows you to clean up a mess and swim safely shortly after. Using this as your daily chlorination product is not the best of ideas as it will drain your funds quickly.

Chlorine Shock Products

These products have fewer options if you are looking for the best. The main two above ground pool shock types are Cal-Hypo Pool Shock and Super Pool Shock. Cal Hypo treats 10,000 gallons per pound and should be pre-dissolved in a bucket of water before adding it to your pool. Super Pool Shock is a more concentrated form of Cal-Hypo Shock. It is slightly more expensive and requires a bit more effort to use. Cal-Hypo is the favored type because of costs and the ease of use.

The last type of shock is a Non-Chlorine pool Shock. This contains no chlorine and is able to be used in chlorine and bromine above ground pools. This product burns off used and dead chlorines to allow free chlorine to function.

There are many other types of Chlorine and for the most part, which you use depends on your above ground pool set up. Make sure that when you are shopping around to check the ingredients. Chlorine production is a highly regulated process and for the most part, the expensive brands are simply wrapped up in plastic with a higher price tag. If you have questions or are looking for the right solution for you to contact a pool store in Michigan or locallhy to yoiur home.

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