Lighting Options For Above Ground Pools

Lighting an Above Ground Pool

There is a problem that has been plaguing above ground pool owners for a long time and we have a solution. If you have ever wished could swim in your above ground pool at night only to remind yourself that you have an above ground pool and you can’t then worry no more. There are many options to explore that are easy to install, effective, and most importantly, work in your above ground pool.

Above ground Pool LightingThe Darkbuster Pool Light

This pool light takes all of 10 minutes to install and connects directly to your existing wall return. The pool water will flow around the light and disperse your filtered water. Through optional attachments, you can use the light with your pool cleaner or as a lighted fountain with the option of 2 colors in the form of lenses.

Intex LED Pool Wall Light

If you are looking for a lighting option for a soft-sided pool, the Intex LED soft-sided pool wall light should fill your need. There are two halves to this device; one goes on the inside of the pool while the other remains on the outside. The halves use magnetic technology to pass enough electricity through the wall of the above ground pool from a wall socket on the outside half. It is important to note that this does not work with steel sidewalls.

Floating Pool Light

For the energy conscious there is a very strong option. Floating solar pool lights are not only effective, they use free energy. These awesome lights can change between 7 difference colors. Not only can it run for 8 hours when it is fully charged, but it is durable. One thing to not is that this only provides an ambient glow.

Remote Controlled Wall Light

If you need versatility with your above ground pool, look no further. A Versatile Pool Wall Light can be installed on just about anything, including steel or pvc pool walls. It can also float on top of the water facing up or down if you desire. It has two brightness settings as well as a remote control.

Where to buy Above Ground Pool Lights

These above ground pool lighting options can be found at most pool stores in Michigan and offer a great solution to a frustrating problem. If you have wanted to swim at night, but avoided doing so because you have no lights then you need to choose one of these easy to install lights.

Choosing the right kind of light for your above ground pool can be tricky and frustrating. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are unsure. There is an option for just about every need so don’t worry. Swimming at night can be extremely relaxing, but equally dangerous. So make sure you never swim alone, especially in the dark, and avoid swimming without a well lite pool.

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