Why Aqua Star?

Why Choose an Aqua Star Deck-Pool?

Aqua Star pools are high-quality, rectangular, semi-in ground pools built to last. With the stability of industrial 4 steel channel framing, & 7-ply P.T. KDAT thick insulating water walls, theyre the strongest pools available. In fact, our pools have been designed, tested and proven to be up to 500% stronger than industry standards.

However, our commitment to strength and function does not mean that design has to be compromised. An Aqua Star All-American Deckable Pool can become an architectural enhancement to your landscape and add to the appeal and charm of your home and yard. What separates our Deckable Pool from the competition?

  • Deck design flexibility
  • Durability & construction
  • Rectangular shape & size
  • Optional Walk-In Steps

Aqua Star All-American Deckable Pool

Invest smart- invest once!

Our 30 plus years of experience will go to work to help you understand why a long lasting Deckable swimming pool is the right choice for almost any situation. Feel free to navigate the various sections of our site to learn more about our round and rectangular Midwest Pools …

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