Games To Play In An Semi In Ground Pool

Looking for some ideas on how to keep your kids entertained this summer? If you have a semi in ground pool and some time there are many things you can do with or for your children to enhance the pool experience. These are just a few ideas from our Pool Stores in Michigan.

  1. Have a cannon ball competition. This is fun and sometimes hilarious. The idea is to see who can make the biggest splash with a standard cannonball. Let the kids judge the adults or vice versa. It is fun for everyone.
  2. Penny Toss. This is an easy game for kids that are able to swim. The idea is to get a bunch of pennies and paint about a third to a half of them white with whiteout and toss them in. Let the kids go in one at a time and grab one. If they come up with a white one, they get a prize. The prize can be anything from candy to seeing who gets the most to decide who mows the lawn.
  3. Shark attack is a variation on sharks and minnows. Great for 3 to 6 players. The shark swims in the middle, the divers jump in and try to get to the other side and out of the pool, if you are tagged you are out, rinse and repeat until one is left. Have the shark yell NOM NOM NOM when they tag someone if you are looking to add some fun. At the end the last diver left gets to dare the shark to do something funny like slapping their goggles on their face or even wriggle around in the water and singing Hey ho! Hey ho! Im a shark and I swim too slow!
  4. Retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool is simple but can be ridiculously fun. Things such as rocks, diving sticks, large toys, or tree branches are easy things to sink to the bottom and bring back up. This gives a sense of accomplishment that creates hours of fun, pride, and happiness.
  5. For teens something like a frozen t-shirt contest could be a blast. Just dunk 2 of dads large shirts in water then freeze them wadded up. Create 2 teams out of the participants and have each participant take turns in 15 second rotations trying to thaw the shirt. You can use whatever is around the yard from the pool to beating it on the ground. The idea is that the first team that has a member that can put the shirt on wins.
  6. Want to get some pay back but still let the kids have fun? Ice Cube Melting Contest is a great game when youre feeling a little wicked. You just gather the kids up into two teams give each team an ice cube and tell them that the first team to melt their cube wins

A semi in ground pool is a wonderful thing and having fun while using it is a must. These few simple games and events are perfect for entertaining anyone. It could be to keep the kids happy for a while or to get them out of your hair. Regardless, these ideas and many others are great to distract your young ones.

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