Tips On Staying Cool This Summer From A Michigan Pool Store

Summer is a time that everyone looks forward to. Going to the beach is a blast and splashing around in above ground pools has no equal. What many people dont thing about is the dangers of the heat and what steps you need to take to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe while you enjoy the heat. Our Michigan pools store wants to impart some thoughts on how to start safe.

First off you should not be out sweating and working in the intense sun and heat. This is the fast track to heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke. You should plan on your outdoor activities that are physically strenuous to take place in the afternoon. We all should be careful of this as it can catch you unaware and if you are not prepared it can be dangerous.

Next make sure that your feet are dry and at the very least in all cotton socks. You should try to not wear socks and shoes but sometimes this cant be helped. Wet, hot feet are a recipe for blisters so be aware and do your best to keep your toes dry. This can be hard when you are sweating.

You should try to keep your wardrobe focused on light, loose, cotton clothing. Hats and loose clothing helps to keep you cool and protect you from the sun. When it comes to heat less cloths is best, but you need to keep it appropriate for the circumstances.

Use sunscreen even if you dont thing you will need it. SPF 15 or higher can prevent sunburn even on a cloudy day. The lips, ears, and neck are some of the more sensitive areas that you will want to make sure you get. Dont forget the tops of your feet if you are wearing flip flops.

When trying to keep cool you can put a bowl of ice in front of a fan to create your own air conditioner. The best way to cool off a room with window fans is to put the fan in the window on the hot side of the room with the fan facing out so that the hot air is blown outwards with the cooler air on the other side to be moved around. Also make sure that you keep your shades and curtains closed.

It is important to sleep well and get plenty of light, nutritious, non-fatty meals. You want food with high water content such as fruits and vegies. Avoid using the oven as it will heat the house too, instead grill out or microwave things.

Summer is a wonderful time filled with fun and adventure but we need to be aware of the dangers that come with it as well. An above ground swimming pool is a great tool to cool off and have fun but it has its own hazards to watch for. The sun is no different and being aware of the issues is half of the battle.

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