Health Benefits Of Swimming In A Midwest Pool

Exercise is an important part of a wellness routine. Staying healthy is important for many reasons and staying fit is not a difficult task. Swimming for exercise has been found to be one of the best forms of exercise to not only look good but feel good. Frequent swimmers are in fantastic shape and it is rather easy. Our pool stores in Michigan want to share with you the benefits of swimming and why it is so good for you. We are going to talk about why the health benefits of swimming are close to being unmatched by many other sports.

If you rotate strokes during a workout you will work nearly all of the muscles in your body. Swimmers are known for their general strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance. The only thing that is really missing from swimming is building bone density. Adding weight training in with the swimming will counteract this and help you balance out the difference.

Maybe you are a runner with regular training and you want to find some form of cardio with a low impact on your body. You could even have been injured and attempting to strengthen your injured area without stressing it. One big benefit of swimming is that its in the water. The water reduces the strain on your body giving you a weightless feeling while still enabling you to get your cardio in.

Swimming can be used as a form of active meditation. Lets say you just went for a run and now you want to cool down and relax in your Midwest pool. Aimlessly swimming laps focusing on nothing but your stroke technique and going at a slow pace not only lets your mind wander, but it keeps your body moving. A morning swim before, after, or replacing a workout is a great way to refresh you for the day and get you ready for the grind.

For those that like to count how many calories they burn swimming is great for this as well. Swimming in a Midwest pool burns around 3 calories a mile per pound of bodyweight. So if you weight 150 lbs. and it takes you 30 minutes to swim a mile, then you are burning somewhere in the ballpark of 900 calories an hour. Swimming to lose weight is not always the best plan because the speed and duration you would have to swim to burn the calories is not a common ability outside of competitive or devoted swimmers.

Swimming is simply a great way to stay fit and drop a few extra pounds on the way. It keeps you physically and mentally healthy and is easy on your body. Having a pool in the back yard makes this even easier to accomplish as you can use it whenever you like. If you dont know how to swim or are not a strong swimmer dont be afraid to get lessons. The best of swimmers are constantly improving and even Olympians take lessons on a regular basis. New techniques and methods come around every so often and it pays to know the current data on the strokes.

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