Common Problems With On Ground Pools And Their Solutions

Now that summer is officially here in full force people are starting to look towards their above ground pool decks and on ground pools as a way to cool off. Keeping up on the maintenance of a pool can be taxing but is doable. Yet every now and then a problem arises that may be a little over your head and we want to help you figure it out. We are going to write on some of the most commonly occurring issues and how to fix them.

The most common issue is an affliction of algae. You will know when you have this as your pool will be a sickly green color. First off you want to make sure that your filters are working properly as this may be the cause for the growth of algae. The more common cause of this is the chlorine level. If it is not high enough it will not kill and prevent the growth of algae in the water. To solve this one you need to shock your pool. Shock treatment means you will add roughly 3 times the usual amount of chlorine shock into your pool and kill the algae.

Next up is when your pool has a sudsy disposition. When youre on ground pool is foaming and you are simply not amused you should head over to the store and pick up some anti-foam agent. The common cause for a foaming pool is a cheap algaecide, so spend a little more, cut the anti-foam agent from the bill and enjoy a foam free pool.

When you look down into your pool and cant see the bottom chances are your pH levels are not where they need to be. This can be a safety issue as you cant see swimmers so treat it quickly. In outdoor pools your pH levels need to be monitored as rain (which is acidic) will mess with the balance. Keep up on your pH levels and adjust when you need to. This will fix and help avoid murky water.

One day you look into your pool and see debris and other unwanted rubbish at the bottom. Dont fret as this is likely one of the easiest to solve. Check your filters and see if they are full. Odds are that it is and this means it is doing its job correctly and you neednt worry. Clean out your filter and start doing frequent maintenance on it. You should empty the filters frequently and chemically clean them at least once a year to ensure a long life out of them.

These are some common issues but by no means all of them. Do not hesitate to call in a professional if you feel you are in over your head. Not everyone can be a chemist and its far better to simply pay a bill than to have to replace or fix significant parts of your pool later. For more information pertaining to on ground pools and proper care for them check out our blog or website.

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