Pool Party Tips For The Summer

The best part about owning an on ground pool during the summer is that you can swim in it any time. Whether you have kids to share it with or just some of your best friends, an on ground pool makes for a good time. So whats the best way to enjoy your cool water in the hot sun and share it with everyone? Throw a pool party for all your friends of course. Throwing a party can be rather more difficult than most people would think so we are going to talk about a few steps to making sure your on ground pool party is a hit and doesn’t stress you out.

First off clean up your pool. About a week before your party is planned start skimming it and working on the quality of water. If you need help figuring out the best way to do this is visit a pool store in Michigan about what youre planning. You could even get them to come and check out the pool to help make sure it is perfect for your guests. A clean pool is far more inviting than a dirty one.

Next you need to decide how many people you want there. Youre on ground pools max capacity is something to note during this stage. Knowing not everyone will be in the pool you need to look at yard space and how much room you have in your house as well. The number of guests can be crucial.

Thirdly use a memorable invitation to get the attention of your guests. If you have the budget you can create a unique card or invitation, otherwise it is not too expensive to send one of the thousands of premade cards. This can be very important for the process and inciting excitement in your guests.

Make sure that you have fun things planned for the guests that will not be in your pool. Anything from horseshoes to pin the tail on the donkey will do. The simple fact is that swimming is not for everyone so you want to be sure to please all of your guests.

Food can sometimes be the biggest draw to parties. You want to make sure that everyone is involved by bringing their favorite dishes and this can save you some money. If you choose to have a potluck there will be something for everyone but you should be prepared in case there is not enough for everyone. Sometimes guests will forget or fail to bring a dish and on this chance you don’t want to rely.

Do something shocking for the party. Changing the color of your on ground pool’s water is an easy task that is both non-toxic and not harmful to your pool. Green water for a Saint Patricks Day party can be the difference between a good party and a great party. You can also put a fountain into the middle of your pool for about $50. This is a great way to tell your guests that you can and were thinking about them.

Be sure that you take every safety precaution that you can. Nothing kills a party faster than an accident. If there will be children near the pool then you should have at least a few adults around the pool watching the kids. The best swimmers and even lifeguards should know that anything can happen and trouble in a pool by yourself can quickly end badly. Your guests will appreciate that you took safety measures and you will keep your party fun and free of problems.


These are a few basic steps towards throwing an awesome on ground pool party that anyone can use. These are even applicable outside of pool parties. Remember that it is summer and that you have a refreshing spot to swim and dont be afraid to share it with those that you care about.

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