Swimming Safety Tips From A Pool Store In Michigan

With spring here and summer on its way, people are looking fun to swimming. Summer is a great time to hit the water, but you have to be safe about it regardless of where you are swimming. Children under the age of 4 are at the greatest risk. It only takes an inch of water for things to get serious. For the safety of you and the kids, keep things safe. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the bath tub, in on ground pools, or at the beach, safety first, always. These are some simple tips to keeping everyone safe.

When you are at home never leave your child alone in or around water, regardless if it’s a bathtub, toilets, or a pool. You should never rely on a floatation device to keep your child safe, they need constant supervision. Make sure that all buckets and other containers that typically hold water are empty after use. Make sure that you use toilet locks. These are simple things you can do at your home to make your house safe as far as water goes.

When you are using a on ground pool there are some simple things you can do to ensure the safety of everyone enjoying the pool. Use the buddy system. Make sure everyone is swimming with someone else and if they are too young for that then they need an adult. Keep the pools and spa’s enclosed in a fence that is at least 5 feet high. Adults that will be using the pool or supervising should know CPR and first aid. Make sure that every child that swims in your pool knows how to swim. If they can’t swim then get them swimming lessons but don’t rely on them alone to keep your child safe. Teach the importance of not running or pushing when around water.

When you are swimming in an open water environment make sure that you use the buddy system. You should only swim in designated swimming areas in oceans, rivers, and lakes. Before you swim anywhere make sure that you know how deep the water is before jumping in, and if you are swimming in the ocean, check the currents and undertow. Use lifejackets on anyone who is not comfortable in the water. Children should have them in deep water regardless but it’s important to remember that water wins and other “floaties” do not replace a lifejacket.

Water is serious stuff regardless of how prepared you are. An on ground pool should be enjoyed to the fullest just as you should enjoy a day at the beach. But a wonderful time can become a lot less fun when something goes wrong, even more so when all of it is preventable with very little cost. Safety is invaluable when having fun and take it from a pool store in Michigan, pools are a ton of fun. So enjoy your on ground pool or your beach day with the family and make sure that it stays fun.


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