in-ground swimming pool.

When most people think of the ideal pool, they think of an in-ground swimming pool. Little do they realize, however, that the benefits of the Deck-Pool and Olympic-Eagle on ground pools mean that they are not hindered by the many problems that can plague ordinary cheap above ground pools and in-ground swimming pool owners.

Pool Taxes

The Deck-Pool and Olympic-Eagle pools are not usually taxable. In most communities (please check first), on ground pools are not liable to the taxes placed on in-ground pools. For instance, property tax increases on a $30,000 in-ground pool can be as high as $600-$800 per year in many communities. Keep in mind that this can also become an issue down the road if you decide to sell your home. What does this mean? It means that you save money every year with a Deck-Pool or Olympic-Eagle swimming pool from Aqua Star!

Stays Cleaner Naturally

Olympic-Eagle swimming poolOur on ground pools/ above ground swimming pools are cleaner than in-ground swimming pools. Anything that blows or crawls along the ground can eventually end up in an in-ground pool it will almost never blow or crawl out. Such problems are virtually non-existent with an on-ground pool because there is less of a dirt load to deal with, on ground pools consume fewer maintenance chemicals up to three times over. It means that you save money every year with a Deck-Pool or Olympic-Eagle swimming pool from Aqua Star!

No Heater Required Save $$$

Aqua Star PoolsOur on-ground and above ground pools do not require a heater in most cases. This is because they are warmed by the sunshine during the day and surrounded by an ambient air temperature during the night. They’re also insulated by their 3/4 thick water walls. On the other hand, in-ground swimming pools are constantly losing heat to the surrounding ground. This is especially true in northern climes where the surrounding soil is approximately 58 degrees year round just like your cool basement walls. It seems rather wasteful to pay to heat the ground around your pool. This means that you save money every year with a pool from Aqua Star!

Do you see a common trend developing here?

Aqua Star All-American Deckable Pool Our Deck-Pool and Olympic-Eagle swimming pools save you money! Between the cost of cleaning chemicals, heating costs, taxes and additional expenses associated with in-ground pools, you will save money every year as you enjoy your new on ground pools from Aqua Star.

In addition to all of this, on ground pools are not prone to the same effects of terrain and groundwater as in-ground swimming pools. For example, clay soil, sloping yards, rocky terrain, high water tables, and standing water can all wreak havoc on in-ground pools, as can the ground upheaval associated with the winters many of us have come to know all too well. Because they are built-on-the-ground, our Deck-Pool and Olympic Eagle swimming pools are not affected by such factors.

Aqua Star Above Ground Pools

As you can see, Aqua Stars pools are truly a cut above the rest. Because they are strong, durable, permanent pools their benefits and savings can be realized for many years to come. Your family deserves the best they deserve a pool that is fun, practical, strong, durable, and beautiful. The Deck-Pool and Olympic-Eagle swimming pools are the answer.