Hot Tub Safety Advice From A Pool Store In Michigan

There are many benefits to hot tub, but there are also many precautions needed to ensure that the users are safe while enjoying them. While a hot tube is extremely relaxing you need to be aware of the risks and side effects of this wondrous invention. The following is some advice from a pool store in Michigan on how to safely enjoy your hot tub and what you need to be aware of while using it.

  1. Unless used in an unintended manner, hot tubs produce only positive results. Having the temperature too high can result in heat exhaustion and even brain damage. The length of time (15 minutes max) that you are in the tub has a similar result.
  2. Children should not be in the hot tub. Children are smaller than adults and are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and brain damage, in far less time. Not to mention the need to avoid accidental drowning.
  3. Pregnant woman should likewise avoid the use of hot tubs and spas. A fetus can be damaged or even miscarried due to the extreme heat. In general, women should avoid bathing in water over 100 degrees when they are pregnant, the belly tends to be fully submerged and no one wants to lose their baby for a moment of relaxation.
  4. Don’t drink alcohol in your hot tube. Many people choose to ignore this which can be a life changing mistake in some cases. The hot water in the hot tub accelerants the effects of the alcohol in your blood possibly resulting in unconsciousness.
  5. There are numerous rashes that can be contracted from hot tubs, the most common being known as hot tub rash. This rash is the result of chemicals not being as high as they should in the hot water. The rash manifests as red, itchy bumps found around hair follicles. The best way to avoid rashes is to keep the proper amount of chemicals in your tub to keep bacteria out.
  6. Do not bathe in a hot tub if you have an open sore. Due to bacteria that may be growing in the water, you may find yourself with an infection.
  7. Install safety rails and steps. You want to reduce the chance of slipping which can result in some unseemly circumstances. Likewise the use of mats outside of and inside the tub will make a difference.
  8. The number one rule to swimming also applies to bathing in a hot tub. You should NEVER swim alone. Even adults need to have a swimming buddy. If anything goes wrong the best way to prevent injury and even death is to have someone else there. Children should always be supervised as well.

Hot tubs are great to enjoy and frankly we all love them. Yet there are dangers that are relatively easy to avoid with the right mindset and awareness. “All things in moderation”, this is especially true when it comes to a relaxing dip in a hot tub. Many of the materials that are needed can be found in pool stores in Michigan, as well as advice about proper installation and other steps you can take to ensure your safety.

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