How to Clean Your On Ground Pool After a Pool Party

Everyone gets excited for on ground pool parties, but few actually think about what it takes to clean up the next day. Beyond just picking up trash, you have to take care of the water and filters in your pool. These are some tips on how to clean up on ground pools after they have be subjected to a party.

  1. Remove all the rubbish from your above ground pool. Trash, bottles, and leaves can make getting a pool really clean a chore. Removing these first will allow you to properly clean the whole pool.
  2. Check the chemicals in your pool. After having a heavy bather load, your pool is in need of some TLC. Take your water sample from the deep end of the pool and be sure to adjust your pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels to the needed amounts.
  3. When you add chemicals add them through a drain, feeder, or at the very least where a jet can stir up the additives. You dont want to have the chemicals concentrate in a single area.
  4. If your pool is really dirty or foggy, add 1 to 2 pounds of pool shock per 11,500 gallons to the water and keep your filters running. This will kill any bacteria that is in there and get it ready for the next party. Be sure to spread the powder around the edges of your pool in little amounts.
  5. Wash any cloths or towels you find laying around. Chlorine will bleach the colors out of clothing so the sooner the better.
  6. Mop up the area around the pool and take the time to spray the Above Ground Pool deck AWAY from your pool. Leaving chemicals on your deck can harm it, but you also dont want the contaminates on the ground going into your pool. That would simply make your job harder and cost you more money.
  7. Empty your filters! Those things were working overtime and they deserve a break. Dont damage them by allowing large objects to stay in there longer than they need to.
  8. Lastly, cover your pool. In order to prepare your pool for the next party cover it up and keep it clean. This will help it recover from the previous party as well as keep you from having to clean it much for the next one.

Having a party is a great thing and is even more so when you have a pool. Taking care of your pool after a party is a very important part of pool care. On ground pools are a great thing to have, but they need constant care. Caring for your pool can be a large task, but constant upkeep will prevent you from having to spend hours cleaning all at once. Use your On Ground Pool wisely and most importantly enjoy it. Get togethers are important and you should never let the fear of cleaning after keep you from enjoying your friends and family.

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