6 Above Ground Pool Liner Care Tips

A question that many pool owners may not think to ask is how long should my liner last?. This is not an easy question to answer and in truth the better question is how do I properly care for my liner and make it last as long as I can?. The liner is one of the most important parts of your above ground pools. Our pools stores in Michigan can help you with this but in case you dont care for that option we are going to give you some tips to help improve the lifespan of your pool liner.

  1. Keep your chemicals balanced. Good water balance is very important as you dont want to not have chemicals in the water, but too much will damage your liner. Chlorine uses O2 to burn contaminates out of your water and it will do the same thing to your liner if you arent careful. Controlling your pH level important as improper levels (below 7.0) your liner actually grows and develops permanent wrinkles.
  2. Avoid sharp objects in the pool. In truth the sharpest thing in your pool should be toenails. So check your vacuum head, brushes, and other cleaning tools for edges before you use them. You dont want to tear a hole in your pool.
  3. Avoid draining your pool. A typical liner is cut slightly smaller than the actual pool so that when it fills with water it will stretch a little and create the smooth and wrinkle free look. The liner can become hard over time so that when you drain the pool it will shrink back to its usual size and stay that way. After this happens all you can do is buy a new one.
  4. Keep your filtration systems working as they should be. One of the most harmful things for your pool is to be dirty. Debris can easily damage and deteriorate your liner. Keep sticks and such out and empty the drains frequently.
  5. If you even develop a leak in your liner do not fret. There are specially designed patches and glues that allow you to seal the crack or tear in your liner underwater. This is great because then you dont have to drain your pool.
  6. If you are in doubt, contact one of the many pool stores in Michigan. Do not hesitate to get professional help. First thing you should do if you are unsure is call someone who knows. If they need to come out to help you they will otherwise they will tell you what you need and how to use it.

These tips are the quick and easy walkthrough for caring for your pool liner. It is not a difficult task, but like pool care in general, constant upkeep is necessary. Above ground pools are great when you care for them as they offer many benefits to you and your friends and family. Remember to call if you have questions and enjoy your above ground pool.

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