Guidelines For Pool Upkeep From A Pool Store In Michigan

Upkeep for on ground pools throughout the swimming season is a relatively simple task. We will cover a few simple methods that will assist anyone in keeping their chlorinated Michigan pools clean, but keep in mind that a pool using Baquacil has different requirements and these guidelines may not apply.

  1. Keep up with your chlorine levels, this is very important. You can test the chlorine by using an OTO test kit and following the instruction. Too much or too little chlorine both have some big affects on your pool and those who may want to swim in it.
  2. Skimming the top of the water in your pool twice a week is enough to keep the water looking crisp and clear. This also helps control chlorine levels as there will be less debris in the water.
  3. While you are testing chlorine, use your OTO kit to test the ph levels. You wouldn’t think it but if the ph level is too low it can prevent the chlorine from working. Instructions on how to administer the test should be with the OTO kit.
  4. If you’re on ground pools are noticeably cloudy you can use pool clarifier to clean it up. Clarifier is easily found at most pool stores in Michigan and it works within twenty four hours.
  5. Using a Solar blanket can have a large impact on the amount of debris in your Michigan pools. The blanket not only covers your on ground pool, but it also prevents massive evaporation and can even heat up your pool.
  6. Cleaning the bottom of your on ground pool is simple and adds the overall look of the pool. All you need is a vacuum or brush the debris into the drain. Pool upkeep makes for happy Michigan pools.
  7. After you vacuum you on ground pool make sure you backwash the filters. This is important when making sure that your filters are working as they should be, thus improving the overall look and cleanliness of the pool.
  8. Dread pulling off that winter cover? Find yourself hoping the water underneath is still clean? To ensure that this is the case head to a pool store in Michigan and grab yourself a winterizing kit, which has everything you need including step by step instructions.
  9. If you use a Diatomaceous Earth filter, it is recommended to replace the earth within one to two times a year depending on how often your on ground pool is used. Sand filters need the sand swapped out every three to five years as well.

10. Keep the basket in your skimmer empty and cleared of debris, leaves, and bugs. A full basket will not clean the surface and this hurt the overall efficiency of your Michigan pools.

These are just a few easy steps to remember that will make you and your pool happy. Who wants to swim in a dirty pool anyway? For more information on on ground pools check out our pool store in Michigan, we are more than happy to help.




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