Combating Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke with Above Ground Pools

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

So far the summer has been hot. While lying out in the sun can be a blast it can have its own set of dangers. When you are in the sun you can suffer from one of two issues that can be very serious. Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are serious issues that can be avoided with a few steps. Beyond those steps, it is also important to know the difference between the two and how to treat them. They are very different and what is good for one can be bad for the other.

Preventing these heat based illnesses is no difficult task. The best way to combat the duo is to keep hydrated with not only water but with drinks with electrolytes like Gatorade. Another great way to avoid these heat-related issues is to stay cool, so swimming around in Above Ground Pools can be important to stay in good health. Heat exhaustion is the first stage and is caused by excessive heat and sweating that ultimately depletes your water, electrolytes, and salt. Aside from shade, an above ground pool may be the most effective way to have fun and ensure that you and those you are with still enjoy the summer. Another tactic is to take frequent rests; this can also be achieved with above ground pools. Wearing loose or light clothing can be effective as well. The important part is to stay hydrated, cool, and rest frequently.

Some of the symptoms of Heat Exhaustion are confusion, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, dark-colored urine, headache, muscle cramps, nausea, pale skin, profuse sweating, and rapid heartbeat. If you feel any of these yourself, hear another complaint of them, or see them in your children you need to take immediate action. First off remove the afflicted person from the heat immediately. An air-conditioned area is preferable but a shaded above ground pool can serve this need as well. Get the afflicted to drink water at a rate of half a cup a minute, but be wary as too much water too fast is bad. If the individual, or yourself, doesn’t see noticeable improvement within 30 minutes of starting treatment then you need to call a physician.

Stroke & Above Ground Pools

Heat Stroke is a form of hyperthermia where the body’s temperature is drastically raised. This is a very serious medical emergency and should not be trifled with. A heat stroke is basically where your body is no longer able to dissipate your body’s heat and your temperature rises to around 104 F or higher. Sometimes your body can even lose the ability to sweat. The steps to prevent Heat Stroke are exactly the same as heat exhaustion. Stay cool, hydrated, and rest often.

The symptoms of Heat Stroke are a little different than Heat Exhaustion but recognizing the difference can save lives. A high body temperature, the absence of sweating with hot red or flushed dry skin, rapid pulse, difficulty breathing, strange behavior, hallucinations, confusion, agitation, disorientation, seizure, or even coma. These are much more severe than its predecessor.

It is important that if you see any of these symptoms that you first off remove the afflicted from the heat but immediately call emergency services such as 911. Remove clothing and apply cool water to the skin with the use of a hose, above ground pool, or even icepacks. This is not something to mess with and if emergency services tell you to do so immediately head to the Emergency Room.

Above ground pools can be a lifesaver during the summer and is an important tool to remember. Staying cool is extremely important in the heat and cool water can be just what you need. These issues can be very serious and it is important to recognize them and even more importantly, prevent them. So hop into that pool and drink lots of water and stay safe.

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