10 Benefits Of On Ground Pools

Swimming pools popularity will likely never die. They are great fun to family and friends and in some cases can even raise the property value of your home. Regardless of the climate you are in, a pool is a benefit. Whether they are used to cool off or simply relax, pools are great to have. The question is what is the best kind of pool to get? An On ground pool has many pros that cannot be overlooked when comparing it to the in ground pools. Here is a list of pros for on ground pools from a pool store in Michigan.

  1. Your taxes stay the same. In ground pools raise the value of your home, this raising your taxes, but on ground pools are not a permanent fixture in the home which means that it avoids property taxes.
  2. On ground pools cost much less than in ground pools. You can save thousands by choosing an on ground pool.
  3. Because the pool is higher off the ground it is safer to have children and pets around. You can even remove the ladder into the pool if you so desire to avoid accidents.
  4. On ground pools can take up much less space than in ground pools. You can fit an on ground pool into spaces that are beyond in ground pools.
  5.  On ground pools stay cleaner naturally than in ground pools as things that blow or crawl will eventually find their way into the in ground pool. Yet as the on ground pools surface is above the ground level the dirt load is much lower.
  6. On ground pools don’t need heaters in most cases. Because they are not buried, on ground pools maintain much of the heat they gather from the sun. The earth around in ground pools absorbs the heat from the water. The air however does not act the same way with on ground pools.
  7. You do not sacrifice features by choosing an on ground pool. They can be equipped with steps, diving boards, and many other features of the in ground pools.
  8. An on ground pool is rather portable. Unlike in ground pools, on ground pools can be moved if you dislike its location and can even be brought along with you if you move to a new house.
  9. The installation of on ground pools is drastically easier than that of an in ground pool. While you can always dig a shallow hole for an on ground pool if you choose, the installation of such a pool is a piece of cake.

10. On ground pools are much easier to repair. If your above ground pool springs a leak fixing it is rather simple. Where an in ground pool requires much work, time and money just to see where the leak is let alone fix it.

Both pools have their merits, but there is simply no reason other than preference to choose an in ground pool over and on ground pool. On ground pools offer everything that in ground pools do and then some. Take it from a pool store in Michigan, on ground pools are where its at.

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